AE Challenge Idea

To prepare for the weeks when I’ll be stuck at home on my own which is commonly known as the Christmas holidays, I might have accidentally challenged myself to improve my skills in After Effects.

The idea I gave myself was similar to what CLIConline are doing with CLICmas.

Basically, from when I’m off my placement (which is between Dec 22nd and Jan 6th), I will have to create something simple in After Effects every other day. So by the time I start my placement (Jan 7th), I’ll have eight pieces of motion or still graphics created in After Effects.

The main reason why I was thinking about doing something like this is so then I can improve in using some of the plug-ins I have, mainly the Trapcode stuff I have and the things I’ve just got from Video Copilot.

These are the rules I’ve got in mind for the moment.

  • Has to be done in Adobe After Effects (no matter what version or on what operating system)
  • Each one focuses as on a different plug-in or aspect of After Effects at a time (like one day only concentrating on Particular, others using visual assets, the next day using Optical Flares ect)
  • Can be either motion or static graphics
  • For motion, there’s no time limit, but no longer than say a minute or two
  • For static, it has to be a decent size for desktop background (most probably the resolution setting of my Macbook)
  • Can be basic or complicated, as long as I spend at least an hour on it (not including rendering/exporting/whatever you call it)
  • Should be uploaded before 10pm on the other days (so, the first upload will be on the 23rd, then the 25th, then 27th and so on, or something similar)
  • No real theme for them - all it’s for is to improve my skills in After Effects (unless I think of a theme or if someone suggests a theme for me for some reason)
  • There’s no punishment that I have to do for not uploading before then, but all I’d have is the guilt filling me up

I have no idea if I’ll actually do it, or even if it’s a good idea. Not even going to say that the content that I’ll make (if I do anything) would be any good, it’s just to develop and improve the skills that I have already.

Any input would be lovely. And if I actually go ahead with this, maybe you’ll see the results of it on here during Christmas.


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    This sounds like an awesome idea! Can’t wait to see what you come up with (no pressure ;]).
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    See, I’ve been thinking about trying something like this..except not really on a break, and not really plugin specific....
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